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Eating A Handful Of Almonds May Prevent Major Health Problems

September 25, 2017

Food and Cooking

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Almonds are undoubtedly the popular nut all over the world. It is the true nutritional powerhouse, which you can eat as a healthy snack when your hunger pangs distract you from doing the work. Moreover, it is perfect to fight a number of health diseases. Take a closer look at the reasons why you should start eating more almonds for an afternoon snack.

Help You Lose Weight: Surprised to hear that? Yes, it’s true that almonds are a rich source of healthy fats, but you cannot deny the fact that they actually help you in losing weight. Basically, these may have great nutritional value, which keeps you full all day long and quenches your cravings for the junk. It helps you in managing a balanced diet that helps in reducing weight. It’s a great thing for all the people who wants to lose weight but don’t want to eat tasteless diet food. This is huge in the weight loss world and you should add it in your weight loss plan.

Keep Your Heart Healthy: In today’s unhealthy lifestyle more and more people get affected by the problem of high cholesterol, which increases the heart diseases and the best and effective way to reduce the risk is eating almonds. Yes, almonds have a lot of minerals; magnesium and potassium that keep your heart healthy.

Reduce The Risk Of Cancer: These delicious almonds can even prevent you from cancer. The protein, magnesium and other vitamins present in this may reduce the risk of cancer. It means you should start eating them right away to ensure a healthy body and mind.

Provide Antioxidants: Almonds are full of antioxidants, which are good to diminish the effects of free radicals. It is good to have them regularly because it keeps you healthy and provide enough antioxidants to your body.

Help you Build Muscles: Most of the gym trainers advise you to have supplements, so, these almonds are a perfect and healthy option for you. They help you build your muscles faster and satisfy you with the results.

All above benefits of eating almonds may surely increase your love for them. So, what are you waiting for? Add them to your diet right now and improve your health. However, it’s important to consult the dietician or doctor before deciding the quantity as per your body need, otherwise, it may turn the table. This is because eating them in excessive quantity could harm your digestion.

Authentic Mediterranean Cuisine

September 25, 2017

Food and Cooking

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Think Mediterranean cuisine and the mind willingly turns to fresh and zesty flavours like lemon, yogurt and olives, succulent seafood or meats tended to with love, and slow-cooked to flavoursome supremacy.

These are all essential elements of the Greek cooking style which dates back 4000 years, but there’s so much more to cuisine than just ingredients, and here’s why…

Rich Mediterranean history

Greek cuisine has a culinary tradition that is part of the history and the culture of Greece.

Based on what can be grown and sourced locally, its flavours change with the season and the geography of the region, but essential elements have long included olive oil, lemon and wine. Wheat is also a traditional ingredient lending itself to semolina pastas, flour and bread.

While Greek food has influenced others, and undoubtedly others have influenced Greek cuisine, at its heart is readily available produce that is grown and sourced within the local region.

Fresh produce

Vegetables and fresh produce have traditionally held a central position in the creation of Greek food, and cooking is traditionally based on the flavours of what’s readily available and in season. Favoured vegetables include tomato, eggplant, zucchini, and onions, and a select array of herbs including oregano, dill, bay leaves, garlic, basil, and mint.

Meats and seafood

Again location has dictated the type of meats used in Greek cooking, with the climate and terrain favouring the breeding of goats and sheep, rather than beef. This makes lamb one of the key meats used in meals.

Communities along Greece’s lengthy coastline were influenced by the range of seafood available. From sardines, to anchovies, calamari, cuttlefish, octopus, lobster and a vast array of fish, the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas were bountiful in their supply and variety of seafood.

Cheese and yoghurt

While for many Feta immediately springs to mind, Greece boasts a huge array of cheeses with flavours that range from mild to strong, and textures that vary from creamy to hard or crumbly. Most are created using sheep or goat’s milk, and the tradition of making them dates back centuries.

Meanwhile Greek yoghurt with its smooth texture and rich flavour has become one of the country’s most successful exports.

Warm Mediterranean hospitality

But it’s not just the ingredients that influence the style and flavours of Greek cooking, it’s the traditional methods used in preparation and the ethos behind it. Preparation involves minimal refinement where the flavours and ingredients are encouraged to speak for themselves.

Eating is a pastime to be enjoyed, never rushed, and an experience that is shared at leisure with family and friends.

Health benefits

With its attributes of fresh fruit, vegetables, healthy fats as found in olive oil, seafood, and only a select use of meats, the Mediterranean diet is renowned for its health benefits.

Coupled with a leisurely eating style, the Mayo Clinic notes it has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

“For these reasons, most if not all major scientific organizations encourage healthy adults to adapt a style of eating like that of the Mediterranean diet for prevention of major chronic diseases.”

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