Strength Lies In Differences, Not In Similarities

September 25, 2017

Food and Cooking

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The recent McDonald’s ad based on the theme, #BeDifferentTogether, shows people appreciating their mutual differences rather than getting all heated up about the natural differences that are bound to exist in relationships. In short, it promotes the idea of agreeing to disagree, for much more than just peace. It’s the differences, after all, which make life interesting.

McDonald’s India (West & South)’s #BeDifferentTogether campaign, which has been conceptualised by Leo Burnett ad agency, advocates unity in diversity. The ad’s jingle goes: “We are different-different, but together”. It has been launched to promote the new Happy price Combo offer from McDonald’s.

From a couple comprising of a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian; to a quintessential Bengali and a Punjabi Sikh friends; two mothers-of-two: one has two children while the other has two dogs – the ad shows people who are different in some way yet bonding because of having other things in common or because they find the differences intriguing.

Talking of the concept behind the campaign, Rajdeepak Das, Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett, South Asia said, “There hasn’t been a better time to champion the cause of diversity. And who better than McDonald’s to celebrate this? McDonald’s has always been about people coming together over a nice meal, no matter how different.”

He went on to add, “In fact, it’s our differences that make our relationships better. Ergo, we featured people who may be completely opposed in their food and lifestyle choices, but are very happy in each other’s company, despite that. This led to the larger thought #BeDifferentTogether. I am confident that every viewer will see a little bit of themselves in this commercial.”

So, how does the ad connect with McDonald’s philosophy? Outlining the philosophy of Westlife Development, whose subsidiary Hardcastle Restaurants manages the McDonald’s India franchise, Kedar Teny, Director (Marketing and Digital), McDonald’s India said, “McDonald’s innovative product offerings have always struck a chord with the ever-evolving consumers. With the launch of Happy Price Combo, we want to give our customers a chance to customise and enjoy their favourite meal and beverage combo.”

Moreover, added Teny, “The #BeDifferentTogether campaign also highlights how McDonald’s is a melting pot of divergent lifestyle’ es coming together to create some classic moments. We are confident that this campaign will resonate well with our audiences.”

According to Rajdeepak Das, “BeDifferentTogether was born from the idea that one should celebrate the differences, find the beauty in our diversity, and come together over delicious food. The real beauty is in being together, not in becoming clones of one another.” The idea also blends perfectly with the philosophy of humankind; about how we are all different yet the same in side, he added.

Das further said that from the point of view of the advertising world, the campaign shakes up the traditional view of which audience is it catering to because the target audience here is each one of us. This idea finds strong resonance in modern-day culture, when one considers what is happening around us every day.”

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